ghosts in the snow


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MUSIC-love/life. my chemical romance taught me how to fall in love.

COFFEE & DIET DP-i'm always drinking it in unhealthy amounts.

SWEETS-fucking love 'em.

LOVE- my one and only love. things imagined are forever and always with me now. laugh, love, grow, remember. i dream of old age and reflections with my handsome man. it's possible to find a once in a life time love. <3 Smith <3

ISSUES- issues... make me who i am, and have the confidence to not give a damm, and stay strong <3

DREAMER-i have a wild, crazy, loving, imagination.


"she tastes of vanilla lace"-AFI

Vogue Happiness by kristavmartinez featuring sephora collectionSephora Collection  / Benefit evening makeup / NARS Cosmetics , $33 / Benefit  mascara, $30 / Benefit  cosmetic, $37 / NARS Cosmetics  / Sephora Collection  / Too Faced Cosmetics beauty product 4 notes
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