ghosts in the snow


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MUSIC-love/life. my chemical romance taught me how to fall in love.

COFFEE & DIET DP-i'm always drinking it in unhealthy amounts.

SWEETS-fucking love 'em.

LOVE- my one and only love. things imagined are forever and always with me now. laugh, love, grow, remember. i dream of old age and reflections with my handsome man. it's possible to find a once in a life time love. <3 Smith <3

ISSUES- issues... make me who i am, and have the confidence to not give a damm, and stay strong <3

DREAMER-i have a wild, crazy, loving, imagination.


"she tastes of vanilla lace"-AFI

Reblog if you are a female that is in the Fire/EMT/Police service.



Im just curious so see how many of us there are here.

Gettin there

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Sometimes I wonder how big my dick would be if I were a guy

so, here’s something. i found a calculator online to help you figure that out

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My cousin is being deployed, and this is my favorite photo he’s sent me so far. She won….

I love this.

This is my new role model lol

Now try and tell me women are too weak to serve on the front lines

reminds me of some of the firefighters and emts I’ve met on Tumblr.

8 Tips for Succeeding at School


1. Get into the habit of being an early riser. We can all benefit from having a little bit of extra time in the morning. It reduces stress, helps to prevent you from forgetting things, and stops that crazy morning rush.

2. Deliberately decide to tune out distractions. Turn off the TV, social media, your phone, and hide away when you need to get work done.

3. Prepare for the next day the night before. Check off your mental to-do list and prepare for the next day before you go to bed. If possible, choose your clothes, find your books, pack your bag, and so on.

4. Prioritise being organized. For example, it often helps to use an agenda to stay on track with assignments and homework.

5. Go to bed at a reasonable time. A good night’s sleep is one of the best tips for learning, remembering and doing well at school.

6. Make reading one of your hobbies. Research indicates that reading is one of the best ways for developing language skills and building a strong vocabulary.

7. Eat well. A protein breakfast and balanced meals help sustain your energy throughout the day, and is essential for building a healthy brain.

8. Get fresh air and exercise. This helps with mental alertness, concentration, an efficient memory and a positive mood.

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